Android App Crash


I just updated to today’s HueEssentials update on Android 10 and found a crashing bug with the Quick Tiles.

  1. Opening the Quick Tiles tab in the HE app will crash the app

  2. expanding the quick actions flydown will crash the system app, even if the quick tiles aren’t on the initial page


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Hello, thanks for the bug report.

Could you let me know your crash identifier of Hue Essentials so I can look into it? You can find it in Hue Essentials, open the left menu, tap Help & feedback, tap Identifier. You can reply with your identifier either here or in an email to

Experienced the same issue. After installing the latest update. I had quick tiles configured for HE, and when expanding the notification shade to show the quick tiles the System UI crashed. Repeatable every time.

Pixel 3 on Android 10, June 5 2020 security patch.

I uninstalled Hue Essentials and the issue resolved. (But did not get a log/crash ID first)

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Thanks for the details, @hugh!

It is very strange that System UI crashes. That could be a bug on your type of phone. Could you update to Hue Essentials 1.12.5 on Google Play and try again? (If you do not see this update you need to sign up for beta testing which can be done on Google Play when you scroll down)

Unfortunately, I am not able to reproduce the issue yet but I hope that this update solves the issue for you. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please let me know how it goes after the update.

@Thomas I reinstalled 1.12.1 from the Play Store, and the issue seems to have gone away. The quick tiles were still present in the notification shade (as “Edit” placeholders once Hue Essentials was reinstalled), and on tapping they prompted to set up/edit within Hue Essentials. I was able to re-configure all of my tiles, and the System UI crash has not reoccurred.

You can either try the latest beta (check on the Play Store for Hue Essentials and sign up for beta) or look if the latest build 1.12.5 reaches you (this is a staged rollout). Can you please let me know if you encounter this bug again?

the latest stable update of today does not crash anymore. thank you!

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