Ambilight sync function (in programming)

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Do you know if there’s a possibility to activate a sync from the app ? (In programming).
I have a box from Philips (Philips Hue Play HDMI Sync Box).

I looked everywhere, and a priori not.

Maybe you have a trick, or a roundabout way ?

I managed to deactivate the sync with the functions offered on the programming of a V2 dimmer switch, or a smart button.

I would like to be able to do the opposite.

As you may know, it’s necessary to deactivate the synchronization of the lamps, before being able to control them manually (Switch dimmer, or smart button).

When I’m in this situation, I use a button shortcut that I made with the Philips app (Hue Sync), but it’s a shortcut through an infrared remote control.

I would like to stop doing like that, and go through my smart button.

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Lots of views, but no answer, too bad.

Do you know if it’s possible to program a voice command (Alexa), in an action on a button (Hue environment) ? :thinking:

→ It would be the solution to program the order : “Start to synchronize my lights".

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After some research, I think I’ll take the trail of “Flic 2 Smart button”.
This will allow me to program the resynchronization instruction to restart the Ambilight :sunglasses:


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I received an email from support (from Thomas), telling me that this function had been put in the road map (to do list).

By dint of asking the question, he probably cracked up :slight_smile:

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Hello Thomas,
Best wishes for this New Year ! :partying_face:

Do you please have a road map to communicate for this function to be able to resynchronize after stopping the entertainment ?

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I come back here, I feel very alone, no one participates.
Too bad…

Thomas didn’t give me a roadmap, I don’t know anything, nobody takes the subject, or is interested in it.

It’s good, I managed on my own in a roundabout way ! :+1:

I finally managed to manage the Ambilight ON / OFF, especially ON, from my Hue smarts buttons, and Hue dimmers.

Good day for those who will see this message :raised_back_of_hand: