Allowed values for "type"?


I successfully manually added my Mi DeskLamp 2 to config.json, as it was not autodiscovered.
it works fine, but as I do not know what values are allowed for the bulb type, I set it to “extended color light”.

in the Hue app it looks like an RGB light, in reality it is just tuneable white (so, white with variable color temp).
What would be the right value to use for type? what values are allowed here?

am I right that “Color temperature light” is ok, like mentioned here:
if light[“type”] == “Color temperature light”:
light[“modelid”] = “LTW001”
elif light[“type”] == “Color light”:
light[“modelid”] = “LCT015”
light[“type”] = “Extended color light”
elif light[“type”] == “Dimmable light”:
light[“modelid”] = “LWB010”



I take it you are using diyHue as you are trying to configure your lights manually.

The supported values for the light type are:

Type On/off Brightness Color temperature Color (rgb)
On/off light x
Dimmable light x x
Color temperature light x x x
Color light x x x
Extended color light x x x x

In your situation you would need the type Color temperature light.

thanks a lot!
ah yes, sorry. should have mentioned that :slight_smile: