All rules removed after a hard reboot of the bridge

I’m using the hue essestials app for a while now with about 50 lights and 20 friends of hue switches (Gira scenic). I was using the switches for a couple months and the bridge got full so I cleaned up the bridge in the bridge options. This removed all the scenes and switches rules, a hell of a job to set them all back for all the lights and switches.

All fine so far. But since I did the clean-up in Hue essentials all switche rules will be removed after a hard reboot of the bridge, all the scenes and schema’s are still there but the rules of the switches are removed. It happens everytime after a hard reboot know which is extremely annoying as it takes several hours to restore all rules in the switches.

Any idea what can cause this?

Same problem here :frowning:

Thanks for reporting this. Sorry to hear about your experience. This is a bug in Hue Essentials 1.15.0(-beta) for Android and 1.9.0 for iOS. I will update the app as soon as possible with a fix. The fixed version will be 1.15.1 for Android and 1.9.1 for iOS.

Hi, thanks for you quick response, I did went bent from the beta tot the normal version but the problem stayed. Or is it once you used the beta version that the problem stays?

The latest version (1.15.1 for Android and 1.9.1 for iOS) with a fix is now available for everyone on the App Store and Play Store. Please update to the latest version. Rules should no longer be removed after a reboot if you save them with that version.