All Hue Living Room Lights suddenly turn off

I’m really struggling with my Hue lights in my living room group. I’ve tried reinstalling them and a few other trial and error things. Here are the details of my situation

7 Hue Lights and a Hub nearby
Lights worked just fine for a year
Recently got a a
aasaSmart TV
All lights are connected to Alexa
There are an additional 7 Alexa Devices in the same group in the Alexa app

I’ve tried resetting things but some of the ideas I’ve heard are so time consuming it’s hard to make the case to bring the whole house off the grid and start over if I don’t have to. Not to mention I don’t know how to start over. I feel like it could be some kind of conflict with the Alexa App but it’s such a complex system. Any ideas would be helpful. It started a couple months ago but nothing has really changed. Everything used to be fine. There are numerous Hue lights in the house that are not impacted.