Adjust sensor settings via schedules

Would be awesome to have the option to adjust motion sensor settings (e.g. motion enabled/disabled) via the schedules function.

Have set up my tap/dimmer switches to pause the motion sensor when pressed, but sometimes forget to turn them back on. Being able to “reset” all sensors to ON state each day would be very useful.


ciao. finche’non sara’attivata questa possibilita’ in h.e. puoi ovviare con la formula “cinema scene” in hue labs. se hai piu’sensori devi copiarla purtroppo per ogni sensore, creando una nuova formula. poi puoi usare “formula scheduler”, sempre in hue labs, per attivare o disattivare ad un certo orario…spero esserti stato di aiuto.

Hi, thanks for the suggestion. Thats not quite what im after tho, I would like to continue using the built in “sensor off” feature of HueEssentials but have something on a schedule to reset these to on state every day.

Hello all, apologies for the delay. This feature is available in the latest Hue Essentials version. You can now add an enable/disable motion sensor action on the automation tab. Please let me know what you think about it.

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Amazing! Thank you very much!