Add support for new Hue dimmer switch

Hi, when do you plan to support the new hue dimmer?

The edition screen doesn’t include the different buttons, I have to use buttonevent but I don’t know all of them. (The default one, works for the first button though)

It’s been two weeks since it’s been available in Europe.

Thanks for reporting, I will add this dimmer as soon as possible.

For now you could configure it using the button events. Below you can find the button events for the old Hue dimmer switch, I expect them to be the same for this new dimmer switch.

Button Press Hold Release (Press) Release (Hold)
1 1000 1001 1002 1003
2 2000 2001 2002 2003
3 3000 3001 3002 3003
4 4000 4001 4002 4003

Support for the new Hue dimmer switch will be added in the next update. That will be version 1.19.0 on Android and 1.13.0 on iOS. It should be available within a few days.