Add support for Belkins Wemo light bulbs

I have quite many Wemo bulbs. Belkins Wemo app and solution is not reliable and competitive anymore. Would be nice to “move over” all my light bulbs to Hue. They are Zigbee bulbs and e.g. Samsung SmartThings is supporting them, so why not?

I believe a lot of existing Wemo users would be happy to have their gear supported by Philips Hue.


the Belkin Wemo lights are interesting. They appear to have Zigbee but after a quick Google search it seems that they cannot be paired to a hue bridge. Note that I have not tried this myself as I do not have Belkin Wemo lights.

If these lights cannot be paired with a hue bridge, there is not much I can do for you. It could be that Wemo bulbs are compatible with deCONZ, but that is also something I cannot confirm myself.

Support for Samsung SmartThings is on the wish list for future development: Smartthings Integration