Add Hue Gradient Lightstrip without Bridge


I’m sorry, but I’m struggling here very hard. I can’t find a way to connect my Hue Gradient Lightstrip with my Android TV. The latest version of Hue Essentials is installed and if I try to search a Hue light via bluetooth literally nothing is happening… My phone can find it via bluetooth but not the app. Isn’t there something like a manual how to connect devices? I can only find discussions about how to connect it via a bridge. All I want is to sync it with the TV. Your page says that this is not required. Did I miss understood something?

German is also fine.


A Hue bridge is required to connect the Hue Gradient Lightstrip lightstrip. The Hue Gradient Lightstrip does not have Bluetooth.

You mentioned that your phone is able to find it via Bluetooth. Are you sure that the gradient strip was found and not another light? It is not possible that the gradient strip is connected using Bluetooth as it does not have Bluetooth.

Hello Thomas,

thank you very much for your fast response. Have also figured out that the gradient shouldn’t support bt. I was somehow confused that I could find it via the phone. I’ll buy the bridge now and hope that I can set it up properly :smiley: