ADB command to Hue Essentials Calling Dance Sensation


Apologies if this might end up as a daft question, noobie and all that;

I have an Nvidia Shield Pro with Hue Essentials App installed. App is hooked into my Bridge, 9 lights set up in an Entertainment Area.
How do I reference an Entertainment Area in an ADB Shell Command? I use the following;

adb shell am broadcast -a com.superthomaslab.hueessentials.START_ENTERTAINMENT -e BRIDGE_ID MYBRIDGEID -e GROUP_ID 1 -e ENTERTAINMENT_PROGRAM dance_sensation com.superthomaslab.hueessentials

I can see that this successfully starts the Dance Sensation instance, but then it doesn’t entertain - I believe because no Entertainment Area can be assigned by the ADB command.
Am I missing something? I’ve looked up the ways to find Bridge, Room and Group IDs, but can’t find an equivalent for entertainment area? Any help most welcome. Thanks


You can set the entertainment area ID using GROUP_ID.

There is currently no easy way to find the group ID of an entertainment area within the app. I added it to the wish list to make this easier.

Are you familiar with JSON? It is a bit technical but I will try to talk you through it.

I assume you are using a Hue bridge and have the entertainment area saved on the bridge (created it with Philips Hue lights).

In Hue Essentials, go to the devices tab, select your bridge, go to API debugger, tap Continue. In the URL field enter /groups and then tap GET.

Now you will see all the groups on your bridge. Keep scrolling through the response until you see:

"name": "Your entertainment area name" 

(of course with the name of your entertainment area)

The complete group will look like something like this.

  "26": {
    "name": "Your entertainment area name",
    "lights": [
    "sensors": [],
    "type": "Entertainment",
    "state": { … },
    "recycle": false,
    "class": "TV",
    "stream": { … },
    "locations": { … },
    "action": { … }

In this case the group ID is 26. Now use that ID for the GROUP_ID parameter in your ADB command.

Let me know if you have any questions. In one of the next updates I will add an option to view the ID more easily for entertainment areas. Forgot about this one, most people use the Tasker plugin instead where you can just select the entertainment area in a list.

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Fabulous Thomas, thank you! :grinning:
Instructions are perfect, I’ve gained the equivalent GROUP_ID, inserted that into my command and BINGO! It’s all up and running!
I’m taking simple steps first, using the adb_command service within Home Assistant to send these over to Hue Essentials running on the Shield. That’s why I didn’t spot the Tasker method. BTW the Shield version of the app doesn’t support as many admin functions and so I had to use a version installed on my phone to get the info. Would be good if that info could be gotten within the Shield App too? Thanks again


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But how I can find an entertainment area group id for LIFX strips?

Thank you.

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See the following: START ENTERTAINMENT Group id for LIFX lightstrip - #3 by Thomas