5 sensors is the max?

I can only connect 5 move sensors, is that normal?

The Hue bridge has a maximum amount of sensors that can be added. A Hue motion sensor contains three sensors (motion, light level, and temperature). It requires an additional (virtual) sensor to configure it in the app. So that means that one Hue motion sensor uses 4 sensor resources in the bridge.

In Hue Essentials, please go to the devices tab at the bottom, select your bridge, tap Resources. This will show you how many sensors are used.

I have only 5 sensors, that is 5x3 = 15 devices…is that the max???

Please check the following screen.

See for more information: Philips Hue bridge resources

Ik wil niets weten van de HUE bridge maar van de sensor, waar is de button naast de reset button voor ???