4K Support for Hue Essentials Sync?

Hey Guys,

I am using Hue Essentials - it works pretty wellt (not yet perfect, but it seems to do it’s job and I like it really well).

I have one problem occuring: When I play 4K files from my NAS via Kodi, the Sync stops working. It just stops the “sync” and I’ll have to restart the sync-Mode.

Is it just me, maybe having trouble with HEVC/H265 Codec?
Or may there be any other problem?

4K Streams on Youtube work very well.

Could you let me know what type of Android TV you are using? It could be that your Android TV is not good enough for 4K streaming and it automatically stops Hue Essentials. Does Hue Essentials stop immediately when starting the 4K file or after a few minutes?

Hi, I am using a Android Shield 2019 (Tube Version) - Version 8.2.2 i think (the latest available).
It stops immediately - I start the video, the lights turn off and then turn on (as it is setup to do this after sync stopped).