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2nd Touchlinked Styrbar disables 1st one. And 3rd disables 2nd and so one

This is my 3rd post on the community, I used the first 2 to answer a question where I knew the answer to.

Those answers are directly related to my ‘problem’

I bought a Tradfri remote plus colorbulb kit a while ago it was used in my sons room as standalone. I recently bought a hue bridge v2.1 and managed to get the Styrbar remote working in pair with the Hue Essentials app. I used this video:

How to pair TRÅDFRI Remote Control to Philips Hue Bridge

The only difference is that after a 4-push reset, the light goes on, off and then after seconds it returns solid red. Then you should push and use touchlink from the app. It Works!

The only thing is, that when I add a next (recent revision with a metal battery cover screw) Styrbar for a different light, the first Styrbar loses it’s function. (to me, it looks like the Styrbar somehow not uniquely stored somewhere in the system and so it nukes the previous one. )

I first blamed myself, but yesterday I sat down and installed 3 sets Tradfri and Styrbar. After installing each set I fully tested it with app and remote and then I then I removed the bulb and went on with the next set. I was very happy with myself and installed all bulbs, only to find only the last one was still working with the remote. The others only worked through app.

I hope it’s a software thing, that way it is solvable.
b.t.w. I’m still not 100% ruling out user error. But after quite a few attempts I am near 100%.