2nd Bridge Disconnected in Essentials

Hello I’m setting up a rather large system ( 3 maxed out bridges)

I had two Bridges working a few weeks ago I haven’t added the third yet. Today I was trying to set up my Lutron Aurora switches and for some reason my second bridge was showing as disconnected in hue essentials. I was prompted to push the button on the bridge and tried several times and it did nothing. I tried power cycling and it’s still didn’t work. All the while that bridge was showing as connected and functioning properly in the Philips Hue app. What can I try to do to get it to show connected in Essentials?

Details about my setup: I have my internet running directly from my Verizon ont box to an Orbi mesh router. My main bridge is plugged into the Orbi. My second bridge is plugged into the orbi satellite on the next floor. This setup is working fine in the regular Hue app and was working in Essentials a few weeks ago.

I tried searching the form a little bit and didn’t come up with anything I apologize if this is not an original topic

I too have this issue. I upgraded to access the multiple bridge functionality (2 in my case) and I have one bridge that now won’t connect in the essentials app. I get the pop up that ask me to push the button on the bridge but it does nothing. The bridge is connected fine in the both the official Hue app and Smart things. I don’t want to delete the bridge and have to re add all my devices. Any ideas?