2 Outdoor sensor for 1 light

Hello , i’ve an outdoor hue impress. I’ve also 2 outdoor sensor one on the begin one on the end of a stair.

I’ve an automation that turn the light on at 25% at 6pm and turn the light off at 11pm.

Than i’ve the 2 sensor that between 6pm and 6am should turn the light on at 100% and put it back to the previous status after 1 min. The problem is that if the sensor1 turn the light to 100% , after 1 min it should go back to 25%.,but since sensor 2 will detect movement when i reach the end of the stair, it will turn light on at 100% and after 1 min go back to previous status, that in this case will be the 100% (and not the 25% as i want) since the sensor2 will find already the lamp at 100% activated from sensor1. Any idea ?

Is it possible to tell the sensor to set dim to 25% after 1 min instead of go back to previous status ?

thank you