1% doesn't seem like 1%

I’ve got a couple of white LWA001 Hue bulbs that I connect to by bluetooth via the Hue app and Alexa. I don’t have a Bridge. I love the fact that the bulbs can fade in and out, but they seem to be quite bright still when on 1%. Is this normal?

Because of this, when I set it to wake up with a fade in, the bulb comes on quite brightly (although it says on the app that it’s at 1%) and then fades from that point to full brightness. This wakes me up instantly because my room is really dark in the mornings.

Some Hue lights can not dim any further, there is not much what we can do about that. I know that some newer versions of the same model have improvements for dimming further.

What you could do is change the colour, some colours appear darker than others. For example, 1% red is darker than 1% white.