Wake up light alarm clock


I’d like to use a “wake up light alarm clock”. (Sunrise Simulator with ikea color Bulps )
Any best practise Tips?

Cheers Frank

Problem solved (talking 2 myself)

  • U need “Zeitpläne” (Schedules)
  • also “Universum” (Universe) effekts needed

Both available by “insert coins” (upgrades U have 2 pay 4)

Cheers Frank

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Hi Frank,

I purchased both but can’t find the option to schedule effects like the sunrise.
I tried to add a new schedule but for action I can only choose “scenes”. I expected to be able to choose effects there. What am I doing wrong? How to schedule an effect?


What type of bridge are you using? Effects can only be saved on a Philips Hue bridge or diyHue emulator. Other bridges like deCONZ or IKEA gateway are unsupported. See for more information Storage location here: How to use the Effect Creator?

Thanks Thomas, this information was new to me. I’m using a deCONZ bridge.