Unable to add additional devices to Hue Bridge

Hi everyone,

I am facing a strange issue with my Hue system. I setup Hue bridge and connected the same to my home network. I was able to add 7 Hue motion sensors and things are working fine. However, I am not able to add more motion sensors for some reason!.

I doubted first the sensor, maybe it was broken. Therefore, I deleted one sensor from my existing configured devices and tried to add the sensor again. It worked fine!.

I started to doubt that I am reaching the limit in the bridge but when I searched the internet, I was not even close. Also, the application does not indicate so.

I checked the app and found that I am using 22 sensors, all under the 8 devices I have.

Appreciate if someone can help me on this. Thank you.

Anyone can shed some light here? It is really frustrating to get no response for such small issue for 4 days. Is not there any technical support for Philips?