Toggle action when cycle through scenes

Hello the community !

I want to configure my smart button like that with this scenes when I press on it:
1er press: Read
2nd press: Cosy
3th press: Nightlight

That’s quite simple but I want to create the same default effect from the official app on idle : switch off all room on inactivity if room is switch on or set the first scene if room is switch off.
To resume, on idle, I want a toggle effect with the first action of the cycle through scenes mode.

A temporary solution is to define the first press to « switch off the room » with the option « Return to first press when idle » activated but with this solution, to switch on the lights (and set the first scene), you have to press twice on the button: that’s not ideal.

Has the community any idea?
Thank you very much for your answer!

No body has an idea?