Scheduled scene for my aquarium

Hello i need your help!

Im bulding a lighting ramp for my aquarium using a HUE strip.

I want to create a scene on a schedule that slowly wakes the aquarium by dimming from a weak warm light to something more like daylight over a set time. Then i also want to end the day by dimming out the dayligt over time and maybe run a weak blue light to simulate moonlight.

Can I do this with the HUE essentials app (Android) or is there another app that can help me with this?

Any suggestions would be appretiated.

Yes, you can do this in Hue Essentials using the schedules and the effects. You can use a schedule to start an effect you created in Hue Essentials. In the effect you can cycle through scenes using very long fade times (up to 24 hours fading for a scene). See for more information: How to use the Effect Creator?

Let me know if you have any questions.