Scene brightness in effects not working

The option to use the brightness of each frame is not working.

When I create an effect, I would like to use the scene brightness (for an effect with different brightness).
So I toggle the option to “set the brightness per frame. …” and I set different brighness setting in the scenes.

But the brightness is not changing and stays at the initial level.

I have the latest stable version on android.

Thank for the help.

I digged a bit further in the issue:

  • I updated to the latest version.
  • I cleaned my bridge
  • Played around with the parameters

I can repeat the issue but I found a work-around. The parameter does work well if it is selected from the start.
If you create the effect, save and later you activate the brightness setting per frame then it is not working.
But if you create the effect and directly activate the setting before saving, it works.

So I think that the issue is only when you activate the setting after saving the effect once without it.

Yes, that is correct. You need to enable this setting before configuring and saving the effect. See the following: How to use the Effect Creator?

This is something I would like to make more clear in a future update.

Well, if it is in the user manual, it is a feature not a bug :wink:

If I may suggest, once the effect is saved you could disable the toggle button. It would then be clear that it cannot be modified after first save.

Thanks for the follow-up and your great app !