Quick Actions Widget Disappeared (iOS)

My Quick Actions widget has disappeared.

I can only add a Temperature widget, which is of no use for me and my set up.

I’m running an iPhone 12 Max Pro with iOS 15.4 (most current).

Please advise if this is a known issue, perhaps the app isn’t updated and supporting the latest iOS version, or if this is a unique issue I’m experiencing.


Hello Lance, the widgets have changed a bit in iOS 14. You can see here how to add the new widgets and the old widgets: How can I add widgets to my Home screen?

You can still use the old Quick Actions widget if you like, but I would recommend you to use the new widgets instead.

For the Quick Actions widget specifically, the replacement is to use Siri Shortcuts for this. Create some Siri Shortcuts first, and then add them to your home screen. This has the exact same functionality as the quick actions widget. See: How do I use Siri Shortcuts?

Let me know if you have any questions.

I’ve done that. I know how to use the widgets on my phone. What I’m trying to explain is that I only have the Temperature widget available to me and not the quick actions. This was working fine prior to the most recent iOS update.

I purchased this app and upgrade to circumvent using Siri Shortcuts, including being able to control multiple bridges at once.

If these features are no longer offered and I am only able to use Siri Shortcuts — a feature that Philips offers natively — I would like to seek a refund.

You can still use the old Quick Actions widget, the instructions are in the post I linked you:

The new type of iOS widgets do not support actions when tapped. That is due to changes from Apple. So if you want to use the new widgets, there is only temperature and you need to use the Siri shortcuts widget for actions. It has the exact same functionality as the old widget.

I’m trying to explain that it’s missing entirely.

I originally had it set up for the past several months as a standard widget. With the latest iOS release of v15.4 it went missing.

It’s not available as a standard widget, and it’s also not available as the old method of widget through the customize option.

Do I need to restore purchases? Even though it’s showing as purchased…

Should I uninstall and reinstall the app? If I do that, will my settings be lost and I’d need to resync my bridges and customize everything again?

Has this widget been QA’d with iOS 15.4 and is this a known issue? I’m curious if others on this vers. of iOS are experiencing the same issue.

Sorry for the double post.

I work in IT and I’ve failed my own methodology.

IT 101. Turn it off and back on again.

I rebooted my device and that seems to have corrected the issue. Please make note of this as a resolution should anybody else experience a similar problem.

Thanks again for your help and super quick replies!!

Great to see you got it working! I have not seen this before that a widget is missing, but glad to hear a restart fixed it.

Is there any reason you do not want to use the Siri Shortcuts widget? That is the new way to add shortcuts (actions) to the home screen. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple removes the old widgets in one of the next iOS updates.

The Siri Shortcuts functionality contain all the current Quick Actions features and more. With the Siri Shortcuts you can add multiple actions on a single button.

I’ve used the Siri Shortcuts direct with the Hue and Hue Sync app and their responsiveness is just not that great. Sometimes it can’t run for no apparent reason, and when it does work it’s just never as quick as direct access with the old widget or this Quick Actions widget. I would always end up just opening the app instead.

Also— I’m not a fan of the Siri Shortcuts size. I wish there were a more condensed version. In the same space I could get 4 Siri Shortcut buttons I can have 6 using Hue Essentials. And the old Hue Widget would allow me to have up to 8 in the same amount of space.

So until Apple completely makes these types of widgets obsolete and forces me to use Siri Shortcuts I’ll hold out until the bitter end :sweat_smile:

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Having the same issue here, though a restart did not help out. Running IOS 16.2. I’m not seeing the Hue App Widget at all. Any advice?