Possible to mix preconditions 'Sunset/Sundown' and 'Time'?

Using a ‘daylight’ (brighter white) and ‘nighttime’ scene (more cozy light), activated by Hue switch button with the precondition on Sunset/Sundown. Works great, however, the sleeping rooms of the kids should go to ‘daylight’ scene after sunset when pressing the switch button and to ‘nighttime’ mode after 18:30 (no matter if that is before or after sundown).

Currently I have to choose to set up the dimmer button with precondition sunset/sundown OR timebased. Can that be combined so I can choose a mix of both?

Thanks for the response in advance! :smiley:

Conditions cannot be combined at the moment. It is on the wish list for future development. See the following topic for updates:

You can now use multiple conditions for the automations in Hue Essentials.

In addition, there is now a simple toggle action, so you no longer need to use group on state conditions for just a simple toggle.

For more details on the automations see: Automation in Hue Essentials

Let me know what you think about it.


Great work @Thomas ! Plaid around with it a bit but will experiment more later!