Philip Hue Bluetooth App - Android Only

Using the Android Philip Hue Bluetooth App (Version 1.31.0) I am only able to connect to 3 Philip Hue Bluetooth GU10 bulbs. I can manage to get all 4 (GU10 LED) bulbs fitted into my Philips Argenta 4 spot light fitting to show up in the App (after a lot of trying) but it can only ever manage to allow me to control 3 of the bulbs, the 4th bulb always says “Failed to Connect”. It is not specific to any 1 bulb as I have managed to connect to combinations of the 4 bulbs in the fitting, but never all 4 at the same time. Using the latest version of the Philip Hue Bluetooth App, installed on my partners Apple mobile device I can manage to connect to and control all 4 bulbs. Is this a problem with the Android App or something I am simply doing wrong. This is incredibly frustrating as I have a £230.00 light fitting that cannot be properly used. Any help would be greatly appreciated from others that have overcome such an annoyance :grin:. I have also submitted a technical support request via the Philip Hue website, but thought to try here also.

UPDATE - I have now tried the Philip Hue BT App on another Android device that isn’t a Huawei device, it worked fine connecting to all 4 bulbs, I tried on another Huawei device and it wouldn’t connect to any of the bulbs. Must be a Huawei platform issue, only narrowed down to the P30 Lite version though!