Motion Sensor additional activities

Hi Guys,
I have “before I buy” question. I don’t want to be disappointed as with the standard hue labs possibilities.

I have an outdoor hue motion sensor.
In the free version of the Hue essentials app I can blink the lights which is great. But only once.
I don’t seem to get it blinking multiple times?

I also have an issue when adding multiple actions

Setup sensor:
Motion => turn on outdoor light s + blink indoor lights(only once for now).
No-Motion => Turn off lights after 10 minutes

During the 10 minute time window the sensor does sense new movement and the time window gets extended or reset to 10 minutes on the outdoor lights which is fine.
But the indoor lights do not blink anymore.
The blink lights only occurs again after the No-motion event was triggered.

eg: So if I miss the "1 time " blink someone could be walking around my house without me knowing about it when setting off the sensor within the time window .

Can anyone tell me if the paid version can help me set this up?
-Blinking lights multiple times. (I guess this should be possible)
-Set-up the motion sensor to do multiple actions within the time window before the No-Motion is triggered.(No sure about this one)

Thanks for the advice,


At the moment you can only blink the lights once. It is on the wish list to blink multiple times. For now, you could create an effect which blinks your lights. Create two scenes, one with the lights off, and one with the lights on. Add both scenes to an effect. Change the delay to one second. Then save the effect.

On the motion sensor you could start the effect when motion is detected, and stop the effect when no motion is detected. Creating your own effects is included in the Premium version, you could try this out with one of the free effects if you would like to see how it works with the motion sensor.

I think you could also solve this with an effect so your lights keep blinking until no motion. Let me know if you have any questions.