Limitation Deconz and diyHue

I’m currently using 2 hue bridges for about 80 lights and 25 gira hue scenic switches. Unfortunately I’m even running into limits with 2 hue bridges (especially the number of scenes), is goed pretty fast with the scenic switch.

Therefor I was looking for alternatives like deconz (with the conbee II) module en diyhue together with the two original bridges. I was a little bit suppries the deconz has a limit of 100 scenes and the diyhue has a limit of 200scenes in hue essentials. The original bridge also has a limit of 200 scenes. I saw on the github that diyhue itself has no limit for scenes.

Is there a technical limitations or something that the deconz doesn’t support more then 100 scene and the diyhue not more then 200 scenes?

I was also wondering if the zones functionality can be expected for the deconz? I now appears to be unavailable.

DeConz has recently moved the limit from 100 devices up to 250, so it’s a programming limitation, not a technical.