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Light turned on by motion sensor dimms by itself after some time


I am trying to configure a most basic configuration - turn on light when motion sensor detects movement. I used Huetro app from Windows store for this configuration -

First time on movement, the light correctly turns on to 100%, but after a 1 minute, light dimms to ~50%, even if there is still movement. After another minute, the light dimms to minimal value. When I leave the room, so there is no movement, the light turn completely off after a minute of no movement. However when I enter the room again, the light turn on with minimal brightness.

  1. Why the light dimms after some time, while the motion sensor still detects movement?
  2. Why the last dimm value is remembered and set again, when light turns on? I have set the brigthness to 100% in motion sensor configuration, so last value should not matter.

I have checked the app settings, but have not seen anything about that the light should dimm. I have only set the motion sensor to turn the light to 100% when motion, and 0% after one minute of no motion.

I have also checked the settings using Android app, but have still not found any setting that should dimm the light after some time.

When I use that certain light without motion sensor, it stays on brightness that I set - it does not dimm by itself.

Any ideas?