Ikea Tradfri on/off switch and Hue lights

Oh, and I did try all the other suggestions of yours. Didn’t help…

No there not really expensive think around the £25 mark. Hope updating the firmware works for you buddy, I know how frustrating it can be when these things don’t play nice together.

So, yesterday I used the tradfri gateway to update the remote to the latest firmware… First try was almost the same as before: after finding the lights with the app, the physical remote worked 3-4 times then stopped responding. I went back to step zero and calmly repeated every step. Well… Now it seems ok, I tried like 20-30 times with remote and the app and both works. Hopefully remains this way.

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Nice one, glad you’ve finally got it sorted. Fingers crossed it stays working. :grin:

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Having the same issue here…I was just wondering…did you finally get it solvedwith the update? Is it still working?

Hi, mine have worked flawlessly since I did them, pretty sure I posted the steps I did as I can’t remember what I did now :see_no_evil:. Hope you get yours working

My problem is that my hue gateway works well with the Tradfri bulbs but as soon as I link a Tradfri on/off switch to control the light, the same bulb becomes “unreachable”. Do you have Tradfri switches and can still see the bulbs your Hue app? As noboruwataiya suggested…you think a firmware update to the Tradri bulbs would help?

Yeap, 2 months later and all good. Problem solved after update.

I’ve only got hue bulbs so can’t comment on the tradfri ones, as for the switches I’ve got 2 tradfri ones, they don’t show in the app but work and all the hue bulbs work as they should.

This probably means the switch was not connected properly with the bridge. Please check the videos and make sure the switch connects properly to the bridge, check if the switch LED blinks the same as in the video. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRyaDXojWPOCoJkIhSM-XMSfv14l5yeza

Ok so remove the bulb from the hue bridge, pair the tradfri switch to the bulb then the bulb to the bridge. If I kept the bulb on the bridge it would do the same

Thanks for the help. I updated my Tradfri and I followed the steps in the video and it worked great.
Maybe I’m pushing it a little bit, but I tried pairing a single Tradfri on/off switch with a group of bulbs and it didn’t work…like two bulbs in the same light fixture. I paired the switch to the bulb as in the video above and it worked great (switch control and app control). I turned off bulb “one” and tried to do the same to bulb “two” and again success (the switch worked on both bulbs simultaneously). The Tradfri switch “talked” to both bulbs and performed on/off flawlessly…but that’s when I lost control from the app. Any ideas if it is possible for a Tradfri switch to control more than one bulb while not losing control from the app?

That I’m not sure about, what about if you remove both bulbs from the bridge, pair the switch to each bulb and then pair the bulbs up to the bridge?

I tried to remove both bulbs from the bridge and pair the switch first and then pair the bulbs to the gateway. No good. It seems that it is either/or with the Tradfri switch and Hue gateway. As soon as one works, the other fails. Any insight?

Honestly I’m stuck on this one now, when it wouldn’t work on mine it was because I’d not removed the bulb from the bridge first, but then I’ve not tried 1 switch on 2 bulbs. Best of luck getting it sorted.

I’m having the same issue… I can only connect either the switch to light or light to hue. Not both. Btw I’m using IKEA light and dimmer on/off switch. I already got 13 device connected count on my hue but only 2 light assigned