I created a free website that connects Hue lights with NBA games

I just released a beta version of a site that allows you to connect your hue lights to live basketball games. Say the Miami Heat are playing the Los Angeles Lakers – As the Heat start to take a big lead, the room will grow more and more red in real time.

I originally made this app just for myself so that I could ambiently follow along with basketball games in the background while my partner and I watch movies, but I started using it during games and it turned out to really enhance the experience of watching.

Looking for anyone to try it out and give me some feedback!

Note: This doesn’t play nicely on mobile currently unless you tell your internet browser to allow pop-ups. The first time you use this site, you will be warned in a pop-up that there is an insecure connection and you will have to click through that message and accept before returning to the site. This is due to something on the Hue API side.