Hue outdoor sensor

Hi all, Got various Hue lights all working fine with my 2nd gen bridge. Bought 4 Hue Appear outdoor lights (the up/down wall wash lights) and a floodlight last week and just installed them all. All working fine but now incorporating an outdoor sensor. What I am hoping to achieve is to use the outdoor sensor light sensor to turn on the wall lights when it gets to a certain darkness (i know i can use sunset/sunrise but want to use the sensor as will be more accurate). But i also want to use the same sensor to turn on my driveway floodlight (again a hue product) when motion detected but using the same light settings. Any ideas? At the moment i can set the wall lights to come on at a certain darkness setting but it will also turn on the floodlight. They are in different zones by the way. I am sure it can be done but missing something simple…any ideas? thanks in advance