Effect creator crashes when tapping save on iOS

My essentials app crashes every time when i want to save a effect out of frames in the effect creator

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Could you please share your crash identifier? Crash identifier

I know that a few iOS users are experiencing issues with effects. But unfortunately I am not able to reproduce the crash and fix it.

If possible, could you make a screenrecording of the actions you did before the crash? So start recording, then open Hue Essentials (please close it first) and try to crash the app. Please upload the screenrecording to somewhere like YouTube or iCloud and share it here. I would really appreciate it.

Identifier 6C50845E-BD80-4EF4-90D6-CA289DC20CD6

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As soon as I tap save effect the app crashes

Thanks for the details, I really appreciate it. I will look into it. Could you upload a screenrecording as well, please? You can email the screenrecording to support@hueessentials.com if that is easier for you.

Hello Thomas, I have send you the screenrecording. Thank you for your help and your quick responses.
I want to create a effect that the lights turn on one after one continuously down the hallway with a 1 second delay and when the while sequence is done they stay on. Did i toggled it right in the advanced setings?
Thank you again for your kindness

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Thanks for sending me the screen recording. I was able to reproduce the crash. The crash will be fixed in the next update (1.16.3 on iOS). It should be available within a few days.

There is a workaround available: before you tap the Save button, first disable the switch for Show advanced settings. Then after that tap the Save button. The app should not crash in this case and the effect will still be saved the same.

For turning lights on in a sequence, you would also need to enable the setting Toggle light states in frames. What this setting does is make sure that the scenes can turn the lights on.

See also the following: How to use the Effect Creator?

Let me know if you have any questions.

Hello Thomas,
Thank you for your help.

Version 1.16.3 on iOS is now available with a fix.

Hi, I have the same problem in version 1.17.0 on iPhone 13 mini with iOS 15.1.1 . Workaround with disable “Show advanced settings” switch doesn’t work. I try install the app on iPad Pro and the result is the same - crash immediately when I tap “save” .
But, if I do not touch a “Show advanced settings” switch, the save work. Unfortunately I need change some setting just on advanced setting.