Does Hue Essentials work with Lidl/Tuya Gateway?

I’ve found information about connecting Lidl Zigbee products to a Hue Bridge, however not about connecting Hue products to a different brand gateway, like Lidl/SilverCrest (same as Tuya).

I would like to add some Philips products to my Lidl Gateway: Living Colors Gen2 lights with SmartLink round remote control, Hue Iris and Hue Signe.

With a Hue bridge adding is possible through Touchlink or serial number, however I don’t have (nor want) one.

How to connect the lights and remote to the Lidl gateway?
Is this possible with Hue Essentials?

Hue Essentials is incompatible with the LIDL and Tuya gateways at this time. It is on the wish list for future development. However, we are not sure if this is possible as their gateways are cloud based.

If you would like to use Hue Essentials at this time, you would need to connect your devices to a Philips Hue bridge or a deCONZ gateway. Note that not all Zigbee devices are compatible with the Hue bridge, so please check whether they are compatible first.

See the following for more information: Supported devices in Hue Essentials

Thanks for your response. Since Lidl/Tuya gateways are Zigbee I guessed they were not dependant of the cloud :thinking:

I hope it will get high on the wish list and will be possible to achieve.

The gateway and lights are indeed Zigbee so they communicate locally.

However, to be able to use the Lidl/Tuya app you need an online account, so your phone and gateway communicate over the cloud. That can be very hard to build into Hue Essentials without an official API for developers.

I’d highly suggest you pick up a Hue bridge and then buy as many Lidl bulbs/plugs as you wish. That’s basically what I’ve done - single Hue bridge, a couple of Hue colour bulbs, but then a ton of Lidl zigbee spotlights and Lidl zigbee plugs (and some IKEA Tradfri plugs too). They’re all fully compatible with the Hue bridge, and incredibly cheap, and very good quality!

The advantage is that you can use the Hue app, and Hue Essentials, which are far superior to Lidl/Tuya apps.

Edit: just re-read your initial post and noticed you said you don’t want a Hue bridge - fair enough! It’s far easier to connect Lidl products to a Hue bridge than you think though - no Touchlink required, they’re picked up by a scan just as Hue products would be.

Hey @sunnybacon just to make sure I understand you correctly. Are you saying that I can have a Tuya device (I have Lumary recess light) and it can be controlled with Hue app if I have the hue bridge?