Debugging motion sensor


I recently purchased the Hue (indoor) motion sensor and connected 2 kitchen lights via the motion/no motion automation. While doing that I ran into some strange behavior and I’m looking for ways to debug.

Currently there are two things that I encountered that I’m not sure how to properly debug:

  1. I set up some simple motion/no-motion behavior and added some time conditions. There were a few times I think the light should be activated (i.e. motion was detected (verified with the motion sensitivity), timeslot was correct, daylight sensitivity was correct and there were no limiting conditions in the “lightlevel” or “temperature” settings), but they didn’t. It felt like it was in some sort of race condition (maybe due to the fact that I turned off the light in the app, and once using a Hue switch), but it wasn’t quite clear. As soon as I reset using the wizard and set it up again it seems to be working correctly again. Is there a way to debug the behavior in a bit more detail somewhere, or did I miss something obvious?

  2. what is the exact working of the light-level condition? How often is it checked and is there some sort of cooldown involved? Also I believe it would be helpful to have the actual/configered amount of lx also showing up when you set the daylight sensitivity. Now it only describes the movement across the bar, but the user doesn’t really have a concrete value (as is used in the light-level condition).