Dance Sensation Brightness

Am I missing how to adjust in Dance Sensation minimum brightness? If no sound is being detected I’d like my lights to be completely off then increase in brightness with the sound level. IE no sound = no light, very loud = very bright. Right now there seems to be a minimum brightness of about 40-50%. Also in my entertainment area I have 6 bulbs, I’d like them all to do more or less the same colors, etc but it seems they each do their own thing occasionally.

Nvidia Shield Pro
Hue Essentials Premium
Hue Bridge (newer one)
6 LTC016 Bulbs
Soon to have several Play bars.


In lieu of the adjustability of color, brightness and audio level above is there a way to trigger frame changes in self created Effects other than by time? For instance presumably the Dance is using the same multiple frames = effects by stepping through them with audio level being the trigger. Is that possible with self created Effects?