Christmas Naughty and Nice box lighting effect

Hello all.
I am trying to make a naughty or nice machine for my little boy from “the elf”
I have 2 hue bulbs one ive made red and one green.
Im trying to make a sequence where when i press a button the lamps flash on and off alternatively.

I did mange to set this up with 2 Hue white bulbs as a test a while back and ive tried to re-make it. However now just cant remember what i did or how.

Any clue?

Basically red on/green off. And visa versa for a few seconds and then it stops on green.


You can use the Effect Creator to do what you want. In Hue Essentials, first open a room/group/zone, and then go to the third tab (lightning icon) at the top. Tap the + button to open the Effect Creator. See for more information: How to use the Effect Creator?

Follow these steps to do what you want:

First create 2 scenes:
Scene 1: Light A on (100% brightness red), light B off
Scene 2: Light A off, light B on (100% brightness green).

Then create an effect:

  1. Keep the advanced settings on the defaults except for the following:
    • Disable the setting “Switch on lights when started”
    • Disable the setting “Restore light state when finished”
    • Enable the setting “I want to set brightness per frame”
    • Enable the setting “Toggle light states in frames”
  2. Add the scenes A and B after one another and set a delay between them. Repeat this for how many times you want the lights to alternate. Remember to add the “green” scene as last so it ends on green.
  3. Disable the repeat option.
  4. Tap the Save button.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you so much for the reply.
Ive set it up but still having some issues.

These are my settings

When i run the effect. Both lights stay on, despite them being off in each scene.
Could this be because they are not official hue bulbs Or have a missed a step?
They do blink red and green but One stays on whilst the other blinks and visa versa

Whilst normally I would, I didnt get official hue because it was just a quick idea so i was after a cheap, quick effect.

Id appreciate the help


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