Can the Hue Smart Button behavior be customized?

Cheers All,
Just signed up before getting the app (android) to make sure about something related to the Smart Button.
So, I want to know if the app can customize the smart button like it does with the smart switch.
All I need is to be able to have the smart button turn off the light with a short press and dim down the light with a long press. That’s all.
The issue is, without customization, dimming works both ways (brighten then dim).
All I want the long press to do is dim down the light.
Sorry for the long message.

Hello, yes this is possible in Hue Essentials. In Hue Essentials, go to the devices tab, select your smart button, and you can configure it there. You can use the wizard to set it up.

Hi! Thanks a lot for your reply. Now I can go on buy my equipment for
the setup I planned.

That is great to hear. Below is an example of how the wizard configures the smart button. It should do exactly what you want it to do.

A simple press on the button will toggle between on/off:

When holding the button it will decrease the brightness:

The actions can be customised further if you want it to do something different.

You’re a great help man ! Thanks. Take care.

How about the option of double and triple press?

I didn’t buy my gear yet to give a solution mate, so maybe @Thomas could help you out here. He’s a nice guy and always helpful.

Double and triple presses are supported. You can use Add condition, then tap Multiple presses. You can add up to 10 presses.

I need some advice.
I’m using the Dimmer Switch (probably identical to the Smart Button) on the top button to feature time slots for different scenes (especially changing the chromaticity) according to the time of day.
Is it possible to set the same button to do something different (e.g. turn off the light) when pressed repeatedly?

I.e. one press triggers the time slot function, another press triggers e.g. switch off. And again and again.

I use the bottom button for other functions.

No one’s got anything?

@MrGardenRoute this is something I am currently working on. See Nested multiple press and on/off conditions - #5 by Speedyconnalis for updates on this.

Hi Thomas
Thank you