Can I download Hue Essentials for Samsung watches?

Hue Essentials supports watches with Wear OS and Apple watchOS (series 1 and higher).

Samsung watches do not run Wear OS but Tizen OS. Tizen OS is unsupported at this time. Support may come in the future.


In future is a long time… Since you’ve given me that same answer for about 3 years ago! :wink:

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Although the HueEssentials team is working hard with quiet some fantastic features (!), I would love to have this available for the Samsung Watch too :star_struck: There are a lot of crappy apps for Samsung watch, so you guys would really be a differentiator!

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Google and Samsung will merge their Wear OS and Tizen-based smartwatch OS. This means new Samsung watches will be supported by Hue Essentials.

Samsung will not update existing Galaxy Watches with Tizen as it seems. Galaxy Watch 4 will be the first upcoming watch to run Wear OS / One UI.

Hue Essentials will receive updates to target this new watch. As it looks for now, the Tizen OS of older Samsung watches is a dead fish in the water.

Although Samsung still supports those older watches during some years, it would not be wise to build a Hue Essentials release for an OS which is available exclusively on a retired system. Building a version for those watches is time-consuming and hardly worth the effort considering Samsung’s decision.