Automation with two bridges

Just discovered Hue Essentials. Congrats, seems to be an amazing app. Love the feature to be able to integrate more than one bridge. I searched way too long for this. So I immediatly upgraded to premium (multiples bridges and automations) due to my „plan“ shown below.

My setup (just moved from Aqara hub to Conbee 2/Deconz):

  • Apple world only (no Android product available)
  • Raspberry Pi 4 8gb, Homebridge (amongst others with homebridge-hue plugin)
  • Conbee 2/Deconz (about 20 Aqara sensors)
  • Hue Bridge (about 40 Hue lamps: bulbs/strips/Signe/Ensis and so on)
  • I want to keep the Hue Bridge for the Hue lamps and not migrate them to Conbee 2/Deconz.

Create an automation with an Aqara sensor (Conbee 2/Deconz) which will trigger a Hue bulb (Hue Bridge).

When I configure an Aqara sensor in the Hue Essentials app (iOS) I only get to choose the scenes/groups from the Conbee 2/Deconz bridge BUT not the ones from the Hue bridge. However I badly need to be able to access the bulbs/scenes/groups from the Hue bridge when configuring the Aqara sensor. That‘s the whole point of the multiple bridges feature, right?

Super kind request:
Please help :smiley: