Automation with two bridges

Just discovered Hue Essentials. Congrats, seems to be an amazing app. Love the feature to be able to integrate more than one bridge. I searched way too long for this. So I immediatly upgraded to premium (multiples bridges and automations) due to my „plan“ shown below.

My setup (just moved from Aqara hub to Conbee 2/Deconz):

  • Apple world only (no Android product available)
  • Raspberry Pi 4 8gb, Homebridge (amongst others with homebridge-hue plugin)
  • Conbee 2/Deconz (about 20 Aqara sensors)
  • Hue Bridge (about 40 Hue lamps: bulbs/strips/Signe/Ensis and so on)
  • I want to keep the Hue Bridge for the Hue lamps and not migrate them to Conbee 2/Deconz.

Create an automation with an Aqara sensor (Conbee 2/Deconz) which will trigger a Hue bulb (Hue Bridge).

When I configure an Aqara sensor in the Hue Essentials app (iOS) I only get to choose the scenes/groups from the Conbee 2/Deconz bridge BUT not the ones from the Hue bridge. However I badly need to be able to access the bulbs/scenes/groups from the Hue bridge when configuring the Aqara sensor. That‘s the whole point of the multiple bridges feature, right?

Super kind request:
Please help :smiley:


Could please someone clarify. Many thanks :wink:

Thanks for the positive feedback, Looper!

At the moment Hue Essentials does not provide a way to setup automations on multiple bridges. It is on the wish list for future development.

deCONZ has support for web sockets, so maybe you can use that to set something up on your Raspberry Pi to trigger lights on the Hue bridge. Alternatively, I think it should be possible to use Homebridge and Apple Homekit to set this up, but I am not sure as I have not tried that myself.

do you have news for that question?