Aqara Vibrationsensor

Hello and thanks for your great App. As i see, you integrated Support for deconz. Is it possible to Change the sensitivity of the Aqara Vibrationsensor, that i use with deconz conbee Stick over Raspberry?

I do not have this sensor and it may take a few weeks until an order would be delivered. Building support for sensitivity adjustment requires either this sensor on my desk for testing or I would need your deCONZ backup file (in Phoscon). With your backup I can import the sensor virtually on my deCONZ which is good enough for writing the code around it. A deCONZ backup file contains all your devices, rooms, rules, etc. Is sending the deCONZ backup file an option for you? If so, you could send it to

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Improved support for these sensors comes soon! Requires Hue Essentials 1.11.0 for Android or release 1.5.0 for iOS. Join our Android Beta or iOS TestFlight programs for early access.