After updating schedules are turned off automatically?!

Hi there,

first of all: Thank you very much for such a powerful app, Thomas!
You’re doing a really great job!

Unfortunately, I’m having a certain misbehaviour after every update.
Schedules are suddenly turned off automatically.

Just two of them remain turned on permanently, but all the others are turned off.
To have them working again, I have to activate them again one by one.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Kind regards from Germany!

Great to hear you like the app and thanks for the feedback. Could you share a screenshot of your schedule configuration, please?

Hi Thomas,

thanks for your reply & your Support.
You’ll find the screenshots attached:

Thanks for the screenshots. It looks like you do not have the Repeat (Repetir) option switched on. If you would like your schedules to repeat every day, you need to switch it on. That should solve the problem. Does that work for you?

Hi, just realized the same thing today when i was trying to switch on a lamp just for a period of time for only today. The schedule starts correctly but then disables automatically. I guess the repeat tick box is a bit misleading the user as in my case i didnt want to do a repeat so I wasnt aware that i need to tick the box in any case. Kind regards Markus